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Wordpress malware removal services

Malware removal services are in high demand because every day, internet cyber-criminals hack thousands of websites for nefarious purposes.

These hacks are often invisible to users, involving no defacement, yet they are dangerous to anyone viewing the page, including the website owner.

By way of examples, the hacker may have;

  • Infected the website with “key-logger” code which records keystrokes entered on a visitor’s Personal Computer, thus acquiring login credentials.
  • Inserted phishing pages emulating a bank etc, to gain access to logins for online banking or financial transactions data.
  • Inserted code to steal your traffic, generate links to other sites, or run fake ads


If your WordPress website has been hacked, it is likely that you will need a malware removal service to not only clean out the dangerous files, but also to prevent further attacks from occurring. Often, the first indication that many site owners have of an issue is either;
– notification by the hosting company that there account is suspended due to malware infection, or
– a client or friend warning them that the site if flagged as “Dangerous” in search engine results pages.


Contact me and I can quickly restore your site back to a clean and safe state, removing any malware infection at the same time. Once I have the “go ahead” to commence work, I remove all malware and infections from your site, and I work with your hosting company to get the site reactivated.

I provide a fast and efficient service that removes all malware, infections, causes of spam, trojans, viruses and malicious injected scripts from your hacked website. If your website was defaced, I will work to restore it to its original state. The primary goal is to rapidly sanitise your business or personal web site and get it back up and running asap.


Next, I help get the website removed from any blacklists.


The service I provide is quite different to that proved by other hacking repair companies in that once your site is cleaned;

  1. I implement a Web Application Firewall AND Brute Force Login Protection to stop your site being hacked again!
  2. I provide an initial 90 Day guarantee that in the unlikely event that another hacking occurs, I fix the site for free!
  3. I provide free 90 days of website maintenance services that ensures security is monitored, backups are done and software is kept up to date!

At the end of the 90 days, I will offer you a full Annual WordPress Maintenance Plan;

– and discount your initial malware removal payment from the annual maintenance plan costs.

Malware Removal Services Costs: from $250

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Note: this is NOT a free service. Support for self-hosted WordPress websites is provided at $75 per hour…
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