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WordPress support and maintenance services

Website Maintenance And Repair concept

We have WordPress maintenance services plans for personal and business websites.

The first step in managing your WordPress website maintenance is a full audit of the WP Admin area and the hosting account. This will include security and page load speed. I will provide you with a report of what aspects need attention, and ask for your permission to proceed.

Before touching any settings, I will install Updraftplus Backup and ensure a full site backup is done and securely stored off-site. Then I will proceed with the changes I’ve recommended such as security, WordPress website speed optimization, and hosting environment performance tweaks.

Once the remedial works are completed, I monitor your WP website daily for you and intervene in any issues that I find.


Standard WordPress Management Services Package options: monthly, quarterly, biannually or yearly, from:

  • NZ$32 monthly maintenance cost + $125 set-up fee***
  • NZ$385 website maintenance cost per year – no set-up fee
  • NZ$435 per year, which includes a cPanel Shared Hosting plan.

I take care of all the technical WP aspects, leaving you free to work on your core business activities!

*** Setup Fee:

I implement and configure premium plugins for Backup and Load Speed and spend a couple of hours on page speed optimization services. I also spend an hour or two on implementing WordPress security. Believe it or not, I’ve had people pay for one month, get their site tuned up, and then cancel their plan! That’s not playing nice, so I had to implement a setup fee…

Not Included: Major website enhancements such as design theme replacement/updates or new feature developments. These can be costed and quoted, or done on an hourly basis.

Note: Design themes without a Child Theme are high-risk because in some cases updates can erase all custom coding, destroying the previous design and layout.

WordPress support and management services – the options

Maintenance FAQ Checklist

A checklist of the management & maintenance services such as security, backups and technical support tasks that keep your WP website running smoothly! Our WordPress maintenance services cover a wide range of issues:

Professional site management for WordPress websites ensures that you have more time to focus on your business.

How our WordPress maintenance service works

When you sign up, I will require website access as follows in order for our support team to deliver an effective WordPress maintenance service:

1.) WordPress administrator access:

In order to install backup systems, security, and page load speed optimisation, implement website repairs as/if required.

2.) Hosting Account Control Panel access:

For most people, that will be cPanel. I will ensure the latest secure and fastest version of PHP is active, and that:

  • All useful performance modules are installed: OPcache, memcached, fileinfo, imagick etc.
  • WP has sufficient memory allocated, file upload size and max_input_vars are adequate etc.

And of course, without control panel access, I can’t help you in a “My site is down” emergency!

First step: a full backup

Step #1 Is always to install the Updraftplus backup plugin and take a full site backup, stored on secure Cloud storage!

If you require additional website support input to help your business, I can also provide that.

For example, some clients with busy WordPress sites need management support which includes;

  • Managing user registration and comments
  • Supervision of content categorisation, tags etc
  • Coaching and additional support for multiple staff members.

Please feel free to ask how I can assist in your particular circumstances!

I can also offer Managed Web Hosting – 1GB storage, no limits on bandwidth limits or email accounts, and extra MySQL databases as/if required.

When it comes to website maintenance, WordPress experts agree:

An ounce of Prevention is worth more than a pound of Cure!

Why proactive management is important

WordPress website management services

WordPress is the world’s leading content management system, powering over 70 million sites worldwide. Proactive WordPress maintenance services and site management are needed for everything from personal blogs to corporate business sites. Some 55% of the top websites in the world run on WordPress and it is favoured by many Fortune 500 companies.

Due to its popularity, WordPress represents a priority target to the hacking community. If someone can develop an effective WP hack, they immediately have a huge array of targets. Conversely, the security community works equally hard to detect and foil newly discovered vulnerabilities and to protect WordPress.

However, a great many site owners don’t prioritise management. They are blissfully unaware of both:

  • The threats to WordPress…
  • And the solutions are available via a professional website maintenance service…

They operate their websites without updating WP core files and plugins, have no site security policy, and don’t run website backups. The majority have no idea that WordPress has both “Enable plugin updates” and “Enable theme updates” and core file updates can be set to automatic for either minor or major releases.

That knowledge deficit extends to a high percentage of website designers who simply don’t comprehend or acknowledge that they have any responsibility to create robust and secure websites for their clients!

We also offer white label outsourcing, custom development, website design and website redesign works.


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